Affiliate Programs

Wherever there is an internet connection, you can access:

An Independent Assessment Service

Is your company too focused on core activities to assess correctly? Would a very efficient, cost-effective and independent assessment service demonstrate your company’s commitment to track safety awareness, site inductions, compliance activities, etc?
We have a full complement of assessment tools and methods to suit all needs. Your administrator can access the records and use our full reporting facilities. Your workplace assessors (or ours) can assess in most rail competencies.

A Competency Register

Does your company struggle to capture, record, report or keep the rail competencies of your staff up-to-date?
Our competency registries (standard or combined with assessment services) solves your pain. The registries are highly suitable for access competency requirements and other compliance activities.The service makes the checking and recording of competency easy. The registry includes expiry date notification via email, direct access for your administrator and full reporting facilities.

Your Own Online Courses

Providing online training is neither cheap, fast nor easy! Maintaining the availability plus technical support just adds to the cost.
At a fraction of what it would cost you, we can install and host your company’s training courses for your exclusive use. You can use your instructional designer or one from our team to get it online. We maintain the availability and provide technical support.

Our Re-badged Courses

Do you want our training courses to look like yours?
We provide our existing courses in a ‘skin’ that matches with your company’s principal colour including header design. This service suits companies that have a larger volume of e-Learning and needing a continuity of appearance. You can also have this facility with just your own courses.

For more details on any of the above, please contact us.

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