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Are Skill Shortages in the Rail Industry Causing you Pain?

Rail workers - skill shortagesSkill Shortages in the Rail Industry

Web Rail’s research with their clients reveals that we are facing a severe shortage of skilled personnel in the rail industry. Do any of the following sound like the pain being experienced in your organisation:

  • You are swamped with more work than you can safely handle?
  • You would like more skilled people, but can’t find them?
  • Your personnel are getting work-stressed and are starting to make mistakes?
  • You are finding that people are leaving because of stress despite the higher wages or salary they earn?
  • You can’t get new people trained because your trainers are already flat out, or
  • You can’t spare current personnel off the job for training anyway?

Well join the club! Whilst consulting with our clients, we have consistently found that you are not alone. And it is not getting any better!

The above is a lot like the chicken and egg riddle to solve: which comes first?

Ease the Pain

Well, not all training has to come from your trainers. Research shows us that quality trainers are undoubtedly the best for delivering skills training — no other method beats their on-the-job type of skills development. But did you know that quality on-line learning is better, faster and more consistent than face to face theory courses? And it is repeatable at a much lower cost.

You can cut your trainers’ current up-front training commitment, by replacing much of their theory training sessions with on-line learning. Your trainers can then focus on what they do best — developing skills.

Our Solution

We have excellent experience assisting major companies in the rail industry; we have the ability to ease your training pain.

You can see some of our on-line courses that help people learn our industry.